B-FEST: Programme of Discussions and Speeches (eng)

International Antiauthoritarian Festival of Babylonia Journal
26-27-28 May 2017, Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece


Programme of Discussions and Speeches:

Friday 26 May

18:30 Changing Lives: Experiential Approaches to the Lives of Trans Subjects
Paul B. Preciado (philosopher, writer, activist)
Paola Revenioti (activist, artist)
Eliana Kanaveli (Babylonia journal)

18:30 Kurds and Communalism in Erdogan’s Turkey
Ercan Ayboga (Rojava/ North Kurdistan/ Mesopotamian Ecology Movement)
Nikos Katsiaunis (Babylonia journal)

19:30 Planet S.O.S.: Climate Change and Global Poverty
Jason Hickel (anthropologist, university LSE)
Evridiki Bersi (Friends of Nature)
Yavor Tarinski (Babylonia journal, TRISE)

20:30 Digital Commons: Internet as Free Public Space
Peter Sunde (co-founder of The Pirate Bay)
Antonis Brumas (Babylonia journal, TRISE)

Saturday 27 May

18:00 Libertarian Schools: From Fourfoura to Summerhill or to the School of the Community
Evaggelos Vlahakis (filmmaker, optical / literate animator)

18:00 Extractions in Greece & Cyprus and the Answer of the Movements
(against the extractions in Akama, Pendadaktilo and Halkidiki)
Greek Cypriots (Klitos Papastilianou & Maria Hatzimihail from “Syspirosi Atakton”)
Turkish Cypriots (from the group “Dayanisma”)
Members of the Committee for Struggle Megali Panagia, Halkidiki

18:00 Antimilitarism and the Paradigm of Freedom in the Middle East
Uri Gordon (Israel: Anarchists against the Wall, university of Nottingham)
Nodas Skiftoulis (Antiauthoritarian Movement Athens)

19:00 Open Assembly for Coordination between Squats hosting Refugees

19:00 Contemporary Ecological Struggles in Rojava and North Kurdistan
Ercan Ayboga (Rojava, North Kurdistan, Mesopotamian Ecological Movement)
Yannis Papadimitriou (Environmental Initiative of Epirus)
Giorgos Papahristodoulou (Babylonia journal)

20:30 Democracy, Equality, Emancipation in a Changing World
Jacques Ranciere (French philosopher)
Alexandros Schismenos (Babylonia journal)

Sunday 28 May

17:00 Transnational Summit for the protection of Water
(Participants from Europe, America, Middle East)

18:00 Digital Labor: Oligopoly, Labor and Exploitation in the Internet
Nikos Smirneos (assistant professor at the University of Toulouse)
Antonis Brumas (Babylonia journal)

19:00 USA and the Trump Age: Race, Gender and the activity of the movement Black Lives Matter
Melissa Valle (University of New Jersey)
Eliana Kanaveli (PhD of Sociology)
Apostolis Stasinopoulos (Babylonia journal)

20:30 Protecting Water: The Struggle of the movement NODAPL
Aldo Seoane (indigenous from Standing Rock, North Dakota, USA)
Nikos Ioannou (Babylonia journal)