A Coffee with Kristin Ross: On the continuations of May ’68 (pdf)


A Coffee with Kristin Ross: On the continuations of May ‘68, Political journal Babylonia, Athens, June 2019.

The brochure of Babylonia “A Coffee with Kristin Ross: On the continuations of May ‘68” is now available for download in English. It contains the dialogue between Babylonia’s editorial team and Ross, during B-Fest 7 2018, on democracy, social movements, social change, what remains alive from May ‘68 and much more. Originally published in Greek in December 2018.

We met Kristin Ross in the morning of 27 May 2018 for a Sunday coffee at the historic center of Athens. The previous night she had given her keynote speech entitled “May ’68 & its continuation”, at the international antiauthoritarian festival B-Fest 7. Her talk raised our interest in the questions and cracks that were opened worldwide by the May events, and thus we decided on the following day to recreate the space and time for the continuation of this exchange.

During our dialogue with Kristin Ross, which is being presented below, we speak about the continuations of May ’68 and the future of real democracy. She detects the pieces of what remains alive from the ’68 beyond the official constructs of memory and commemorations. Which are the invisible aspects of the period and when they become socially visible? Which is the democratic thread that can connect the Paris Commune of 1871, May ’68 and the contemporary movements like zad and the squares? How could all of them be situated in the criticism towards the bureaucratic fragmentation of everyday life, with the aim of emancipation? These are some of the questions we explored together with Ross.

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